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Fix Your PC

PC Cleaner Pro will carefully perform a complete system scan. The software will identify issues which have decreased your PC performance over time. It’s not uncommon for PC Cleaner Pro to identify 1000 or more errors during this scan – especially if you haven’t cleaned your PC in a while.

Registry Cleaners

Your registry keeps your computer running smoothly. Unfortunately, most people ignore it. PC Cleaner Pro thoroughly cleans your registry by removing File Extensions, ActiveX Controls, ProgIDs, ClassIDs, Uninstallers, Shared DLLs, Fonts, Help Files, Icons, Application Paths, Invalid Shortcuts, and more.

Increase Your PC’s Performance

Nobody likes a slow PC. Over time, all PCs slow down. Instead of buying a new PC, just run PC Cleaner Pro! PC Cleaner Pro will analyze your system and adjust your PC to perform at its maximum potential performance.

Certified Virus and Spyware Protection

Viruses are the number one cause of PC slowdowns and security problems. Today’s viruses can spy on your webcam, microphone, and online form entries. PC Cleaner Pro will scan the depths of your system for virus threats and identify Spyware, Rogue Programs, Trojans, Adware, Rootkits, Dialers, Worms, Parasites, and more. Then, the software will remove these threats with a single click.

Privacy Protection

Your computer knows a lot about you. PC Cleaner Pro can clean up unwanted history data on your computer. When left unprotected, this data could put users at risk of identity theft.

Automatic Updates

Most PCs have over 100 software programs, drivers, and tools that all need to be updated to perform efficiently. PC Cleaner Pro automatically updates itself every day. This means you’re always working with the newest protection standards and security protocols.

Memory Optimizer

PC Cleaner Pro will optimize your computer’s memory (RAM) and recover wasted space. This can vastly improve overall system performance and make it feel like you just bought a brand new PC.

Startup Manager

Choose which programs are launched on startup with PC Cleaner Pro’s easy Startup Manager. Disable unnecessary programs and enable your favorite programs. This can cut your startup times in half!

Uninstall Manager

Need to get rid of pesky software programs on your PC? PC Cleaner Pro’s Uninstall Manager tool lets you easily uninstall unwanted applications in seconds.

Clean Your System

Recover wasted space in your hard drive by removing duplicate files or junk data. That means more room for your important photos, videos, music, and movies.

Internet Optimizer

Are slow internet speeds dragging you down? Don’t blame your Internet Service Provider (ISP)! Your computer has hundreds of internet connection settings which can be tweaked for faster speeds. PC Cleaner Pro will analyze these settings and adjust them to your unique needs.

Security Defense

PC Cleaner Pro automatically scans for Windows vulnerabilities on startup. If any vulnerabilities are detected, PC Cleaner Pro will activate Windows Update and ensure your PC stays as protected as possible.

System Optimizer

Adjust hundreds of PC settings with a single click and revitalize system performance! PC Cleaner Pro is the fastest way to optimize your system at once. This tool works by determining what type of PC you have and analyzing your installed programs. Then, your system settings will be finely tuned, ensuring your system operates at maximum capacity.

BHO Manager

Stabilize your browser and boost internet speeds using PC Cleaner Pro’s Browser Helper Objects plugin.

ActiveX Manager

Your computer relies on ActiveX controls every day. Unfortunately, some of these ActiveX controls can be harmful or malicious to your system. If you see error messages on your system, then they could be caused by problematic ActiveX controls. PC Cleaner Pro scans its definition database to identify malicious ActiveX objects on your system. This definition database is updated daily to ensure you have the latest protection standards.

Dedicated Live Support

PC Cleaner Pro has a team of friendly tech support professionals available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. No question is too dumb (or too complex!) for our tech pros to handle. All PC Cleaner Pro customers receive free unlimited tech support. If our software isn’t fixing a problem on your PC, then our tech pros can walk you step-by-step through an easy solution.